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Aweber Wordpress Plugin

Aweber Wordpress Plugin (or Wordpress Aweber Plugin) is a free plugin that will subscribe a user whenever he/she registers to your blog AND/OR posts a comment on your blog.  This powerful plugin will help you build your subscriber list.

The dashboard option page allows you to configure the plugin to display a checkbox with agreement text should you wish to ask for your visitors to first agree to be opt-in. You may also turn this feature off so that everyone who registers and/or makes a comment on your blog gets automatically subscribed to your list.

We have used this plugin to explode our Aweber lists - think about all those commenters on your blog, they are forever lost if you don’t get them on your list!

Do you run a contest promotion or a contest blog (where people enter into the contest by making a comment on your blog)?  This plugin will help you capture all the commenters!

Supercharge your list building today…

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